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Lia Chan is a professional LEGO® artist from Dallas, TX acclaimed for her award-winning NASA-themed LEGO® creations. Her awe-inspiring works have been featured in exhibitions all across the United States and in numerous publications. Lia has had a love of  LEGO® since childhood and can recall playing with LEGO® as a 5 year old. However, it was not until after college that she significantly starting honing her skill. Her realistic and intricate LEGO® creations have delighted LEGO® and space enthusiasts of all ages. Lia's NASA-themed LEGO® gallery, Air & Space, is a fan-favorite among many at BrickUniverse LEGO® Fan events. Feel free to reach out to Lia with inquires or feedback, she would love to hear from you!

Lia Chan is available for commissions at this time.


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